Unwinding creel

Thanks to its rugged design, each standard unit may support 96 or 192 of a diameter of 200 mm and a length of 290 mm with a 3" inside diameter core.

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cantre1 minEach unit is mounted on rollers thus allowing for the spool feeding outside the working space and the free creel dimensioning depending on your needs (here 1,152 spools).









cantre2 minOur 3’’ package holders are mounted on bearings for effortless unwinding.










cantre3 minIf needed, a braking tension may be applied to the whole creel thanks to a pneumatic cylinder.









Grille 7 passagesThanks to tangential unwinding and the yarn passing through the spreader grid, it is unwound over the whole spool width without getting into touch with the other yarns. The yarn is then guided through ceramic eyelets until reaching your machine.









cantre5 minChromium-plated guide rollers may be installed on the frame, so as to prevent the yarn from getting into touch with the upstream spool, if the latter has a bigger diameter.









Examples of realizations